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Salt of the Earth

The Salt of the Earth collection symbolizes warmth, purity, harmony and stability associated with the four basic elements of fire, water, air and earth. Made with natural stones, sterling silver and quality metals.
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Frosted Black Obsidian Ancient Stones Meditation Bracelet
Frosted Obsidian Stretchie with Bali Silver Beads
Delphi Stretch Bracelet
Jasper 21 Bead Meditation Bracelet
Leeds Bracelet
Juliet 21 Bead Rose Quartz Meditation Bracelet
Mirca Hematite Bracelet
Cascade Mala Bracelet
Thai Love Meditation Bracelet
Affinity Aquamarine Meditation Bracelet
Newberry  Bracelet
Adele Bracelet
Collingwood Stretch Bracelet
Northwinds Beach Stretch Bracelet
Xaga Stretch Bracelet
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